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Competition Authority is acting: to assuring a free and effective competition in the market through the implementation of the “Competition Protection” law, to prevent, detect and prohibit anti competitive firms’ conduct: prohibited agreement, abuse of dominant position, control on mergers and acquisitions; to promote competition through advocacy; to implement the legal framework of an independed institution in the Republic of Albania. Promoting and advocating the competition and consumer protection is consider as crucial for a market that generate an sustainable economic growth.
DECISION No. 247 of 9 October 2012
On recommendations to the Financial Supervisory Authority in relation to the compulsory motor third party liability (MTPL) insurance market
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DECISION No. 246 of 9 October 2012
Concluding the investigation into the compulsory motor third party liability (MTPL) insurance market against, and imposing fines on grounds of competition restriction on, undertakings Sigal Uniqa Group Austria Sha (Sigal), Sigma Vienna Insurance Group Sha (Sigma), Atlantik Sha, Intersig Vienna Insurance Group Sha (Intersig), Interalbanian Sha, Alb - ...
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DECISION No. 243 of 11 September 2012
“Recommendations on increasing competition in public procurement”
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“On some recommendations on the growth of competition in the market of procurement electricity to cover losses in the distribution network”

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Press Release PRIOR Notification of Alpha Bank
Merger by absorption ALPHA BANK S.A / EFG EUROBANK S.A)

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